Paolo Bacilieri
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An energetic, action-packed and mostly true history of the crossword puzzle
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In December 1913, the New York World newspaper published the first crossword in history. It appeared in their Sunday supplement, "Fun." A century later, this absorbing puzzle continues to attract (and infuriate) millions of devotees every day. But the world's most popular-and seemingly mundane-pastime has a surprising history, filled with intrigue and adventure. Paolo Bacilieri's FUN transports us from turn-of-the-century New York to present-day Milan, taking in stories of ingenious puzzle makers, ardent solvers, and intellectual luminaries. Part detective story, part docudrama, and interlaced with a fiction of Bacilieri's own imagining, FUN questions the crossword's "harmless" status. Sure, it's fun-but could it also be a form of resistance, of cryptic communication, of espionage?

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ISBN 9781910593257
Publisher Self Made Hero
Format Hardback
Publication date 20 Apr 2017

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