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  • I, Maybot: The Rise and Fall

    John Crace
    As waspishly hilarious as Craig Brown's diaries in Private Eye, I, Maybot is essential and hysterically funny reading for anyone trying to make sense of a political annus horribilis. Learn More
    £9.99 £5.00

  • 21st-Century Yokel

    Tom Cox
    The feel of the book has a lot in common with the country walks Tom Cox was on when he composed much of it: it's bewitched by fresh air, intrepid in minor ways, haunted by weather and old stories and the spooky edges of the outdoors, restless, sometimes foolish, and prone to a few detours... Learn More
    £16.99 £14.44

  • How Not To Be a Boy

    Robert Webb
    Following Peep Show, and alongside Back, the new Mitchell and Webb sitcom, comes part-memoir, part call-to-arms from the award-winning and hilariously funny Robert Webb. Learn More
    £16.99 £9.17

  • Illustrated History of Football

    David Squires
    In The Illustrated History of Football, his first book, Squires relives some of football's most glorious moments and meets its greatest figures. In a sport full of handsome paycheques and corporate sponsors, he also casts a critical eye over corrupt backroom workings and helps pierce football's overblown balloon. Learn More
    £12.99 £8.83

  • Velkom to Inklandt

    Sophie Herxheimer
    Velkom to Inklandt is a collection of poems in which Sophie Herxheimer brings vividly to life the voice of her German Jewish Grent Muzzer, Liesel, whose somewhat abrasive perspektiff she has never been able to forget. Learn More
    £12.99 £11.04

  • Driving Short Distances

    Joff Winterhart
    As the weeks pass, Sam gets to know Keith's friends, flirty Hazel-Claire from whom they buy two pasties every day at lunchtime, a variety of receptionists, and a few tantalising secrets from Keith's past...As in Days of the Bagnold Summer, Joff Winterhart is a master at depicting ordinary life in all its utterly poignant and funny mundanity. Learn More
    £14.99 £11.04

  • Britain's Best Political Cartoons 2017

    Timothy Benson
    Britain's Best Political Cartoons 2017 offers a pictorial whistle-stop tour of a year in which, among many other things, Brexit became a way of life, the general election that wasn't supposed to happen happened and the world became obsessed with 140-character messages from the US president. Learn More
    £12.99 £11.04

  • Cryptic Pub Quiz

    Frank Paul
    The most challenging and amusing quiz you're going to do this year - or perhaps ever. Fun, fiendish and fully illustrated Learn More
    £16.99 £14.44

  • I Think I Can See Where You're Going Wrong

    Marc Burrows
    The Guardian publishes over forty thousand reader comments a day below the line. This volume consists a miscellany of baffling thoughts from their readers. Learn More
    £7.99 £4.50

  • Five Go Gluten Free

    Bruno Vincent
    Enid Blyton's books are beloved the world over and The Famous Five have been the perennial favourite of her fans. Now, in this new series of Enid Blyton for Grown-Ups, George, Dick, Anne, Julian and Timmy confront a new challenge: is it possible to get a good gluten-free cream tea? Learn More
    £7.99 £4.15

  • Private Eye Annual

    The 2017 Private Eye Annual present's the year's best cartoons, jokes and spoofs from the UK's best selling and most successful satirical magazine. Illustrated in colour throughout with cartoons, sketches and photo-bubbles. Learn More
    £9.99 £8.49

  • You Can't Touch My Hair

    Phoebe Robinson
    £13.99 £11.89

  • £12.99 £10.65

  • How to Stay Alive

    Bear Grylls
    Containing a wealth of survival knowledge, this book teaches you: how to make fire; how to navigate; how to administer first-aid; how to survive a bear attack; how to drive off-road; how to fly a plane in an emergency; and how to escape a burning building. It also includes 100 other essential skills to survive the modern world. Learn More
    £20.00 £13.50

  • £9.99 £8.49

  • A Very British Christmas

    Rhodri Marsden
    Imagine if all your Christmases did actually "come at once". Learn More
    £9.99 £8.49

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