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  • Lab of One's Own

    Patricia Fara
    2018 marks the centenary not only of the Armistice but also of women gaining the vote. A Lab of One's Own commemorates both anniversaries by exploring how the War gave female scientists, doctors, and engineers unprecedented opportunities to undertake endeavours normally reserved for men. Learn More
    £18.99 £16.14

  • Homo Deus

    Yuval Noah Harari
    Explores the projects, dreams and nightmares that will shape the twenty-first century - from overcoming death to creating artificial life. This book asks the fundamental questions: Where do we go from here? And how will we protect this fragile world from our own destructive powers? Learn More
    £9.99 £8.49

  • The Other Side of Happiness

    Dr Brock Bastian
    Drawing on psychology and neuroscience, The Other Side of Happiness encourages us to take a more fearless approach to living. The most thrilling moments of our lives are often balanced on a knife edge between pleasure and pain, whether it is finding your true love, holding your new-born for the first time, finishing a marathon or even plunging into an icy sea. Learn More
    £20.00 £15.00

  • The Angry Chef

    Anthony Warner

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    Who will save us from the damaging lies of the pervasive diet myths and clean-eating fads of today? Enter Anthony Warner, the Angry Chef... Learn More
    £9.99 £8.49

  • The Idiot Brain

    Dean Burnett
    Celebrates the imperfections of the human brain in all their glory, and the impact of these quirks on our daily lives. This book is suitable for anyone who has wondered why their brain seems to be sabotaging their life, and what on earth it is really up to. Learn More
    £8.99 £6.74

  • What's Next?

    Jim Al Khalili
    £8.99 £6.99

  • Tamed

    Alice Roberts
    'A masterpiece of evocative scientific storytelling' (Professor Brian Cox). The extraordinary story of the species that became our allies. Alice Roberts reveals how becoming part of our world changed these animals and plants, and shows how they became our allies, essential to the survival and success of our own species. Learn More
    £20.00 £13.50

  • Sapiens

    Yuval Noah Harari
    Planet Earth is 4.5 billion years old. In just a fraction of that time, one species among countless others has conquered it. Us. We are the most advanced and most destructive animals ever to have lived. What makes us brilliant? What makes us deadly? Learn More
    £9.99 £8.49

  • This is Going to Hurt

    Adam Kay
    The often hilarious, at times horrifying and occasionally heartbreaking diaries of a former junior doctor, and the story of why he decided to hang up his stethoscope. Learn More
    £16.99 £14.44

  • Dark Pines

    Will Dean
    Five villagers. Six hundred square kilometres of Swedish forest. One reporter. Two bodies... Learn More
    £12.99 £11.04

  • The Making Of The British Landscape

    Nicholas Crane
    The history of 12,000 years of the British landscape, from the Ice Age to the twenty-first century, by prizewinning author Nicholas Crane, co-presenter of Coast. Learn More
    £9.99 £8.49

  • The Inner Life of Animals

    Peter Wohlleben
    The mysteries and emotional richness of the animal world revealed as never before, from the author of the international bestseller The Hidden Life of Trees. Learn More
    £16.99 £14.44

  • Admissions: A life in brain surgery

    Henry Marsh
    A provocative and heartfelt new memoir from the brain surgeon and bestselling author of Do No Harm. Learn More
    £16.99 £14.44

  • Can You Solve My Problems?

    Alex Bellos
    Are you smarter than a Singaporean ten-year-old? Can you beat Sherlock Holmes? If you think the answer is yes - I challenge you to solve my problems. Pit your wits against logic puzzles and kinship riddles, pangrams and river-crossing conundrums. Some solutions rely on a touch of cunning, call for creativity, need mercilessly logical thought. Learn More
    £8.99 £6.99

  • £16.99 £14.44

  • Prisoners of Geography

    Tim Marshall
    A popular take on world events that puts the 'geo' back into geopolitics Learn More
    £9.99 £7.50

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