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  • On the Marshes: A Journey into England's Waterlands

    Carol Donaldson
    On the Marshes brings us an original voice and a book for our times. Evoking the landscape and atmosphere of sometimes forgotten and often marginalised corner of England, Donaldson weaves her own story of alienation with those who have made the waterlands their home. Learn More
    £15.00 £12.75

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  • Diary of an Ordinary Schoolgirl

    Margaret Forster
    Algebra, 6th = 74%. Latin = 55% Thrilled! History top = 85% smashing! Geography, disgusting, 2nd = 67%. She would go on to become an acclaimed writer, the author of the novels Georgy Girl and Diary of an Ordinary Woman as well as biographies and memoirs. Learn More
    £10.99 £9.34

  • The January Man

    Christopher Somerville

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    In January 2006, a month or two after my father died, I thought I saw him again - a momentary impression of an old man, a little stooped, setting off for a walk in his characteristic fawn corduroys and shabby quilted jacket. Learn More
    £9.99 £8.49

  • Beneath Another Sky: A Global Journey into History

    Norman Davies
    Native Lands is Norman Davies's account of a global circumnavigation, of the places he visited and the history he found there, from Abu Dhabi to Singapore, the settlement of Tasmania to the short-lived Republic of Texas. Learn More
    £30.00 £25.50

  • Icebreaker

    Horatio Clare
    'We are celebrating a hundred years since independence this year: how would you like to travel on a government icebreaker?' A message from the Finnish embassy launches Horatio Clare on a voyage around an extraordinary country and an unearthly place, the frozen Bay of Bothnia, just short of the Arctic circle. Learn More
    £14.99 £12.74

  • The Last London

    Iain Sinclair
    The final chapter in Sinclair's life-long odyssey through the streets of the Big Smoke. Learn More
    £18.99 £13.20

  • Islander

    Patrick Barkham
    In this evocative and vividly observed book, Patrick Barkham explores some of the most beautiful landscapes in the British Isles as he travels to ever-smaller islands in search of their special magic Learn More
    £20.00 £17.00

  • Britain's 100 Best Railway Stations

    Simon Jenkins
    Simon Jenkins has travelled the length and breadth of Great Britain, from Waterloo to Wemyss Bay, Betws-y-Coed to Beverley, to select his hundred best. Blending his usual insight and authority with his personal reflections and experiences - including his founding the Railway Heritage Trust - the foremost expert on our national heritage deftly reveals the history, geography, design and significance of each of these glories. Beautifully illustrated with colour photographs throughout, this joyous exploration of our social history shows the station's role in the national imagination; champions the engineers, architects and rival companies that made them possible; and tells the story behind the triumphs and follies of these very British creations. These are the marvellous, often undersung places that link our nation, celebrated like never before. Learn More
    £25.00 £16.88

  • The January Man

    Christopher Somerville
    SHORTLISTED FOR THE WAINWRIGHT PRIZE 2017In January 2006, a month or two after my father died, I thought I saw him again - a momentary impression of an old man, a little stooped, setting off for a walk in his characteristic fawn corduroys and shabby quilted jacket. Learn More
    £14.99 £12.74

  • South and West

    Joan Didion
    From one of the most important chroniclers of our time, come two extended excerpts from her never-before-seen notebooks-writings that offer an illuminating glimpse into the mind and process of a legendary writer. Learn More
    £10.00 £8.50

  • Where the Wild Winds Are

    Nick Hunt
    The Stanford Dolman Award-shorlisted story of following the wind from the fells of Cumbria to the Alps, the Rhone to the Adriatic coast, to explore how these unseen powers affect the countries and cultures of Europe. Learn More
    £16.99 £14.44

  • Long Road from Jarrow

    Stuart Maconie
    In the autumn of 1936, some 200 men from the Tyneside town of Jarrow marched 300 miles to London in protest against the destruction of their towns and industries. Stuart Maconie walks North to South retracing the emblematic footsteps of the Jarrow marchers to discover what Britain is really like today. Learn More
    £16.99 £14.44

  • Oak and Ash and Thorn

    Peter Fiennes
    Dazzling, passionate nature writing - a celebration of Britain's woods and forests and a rousing call to fight for them. Learn More
    £16.99 £14.44

  • The Hidden Ways

    Alistair Moffat
    The Hidden Ways wanders Scotland's forgotten paths to tell an alternative history of Scotland and our place within its landscape Learn More
    £20.00 £17.00

  • The Land Where Lemons Grow

    Helena Attlee

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    A book about Italy's unexpected history, told through its citrus fruits. Combining travel writing with history, recipes, horticulture and art, it takes the reader on a unique and rich journey through Italy's cultural, moral, culinary and political past. Learn More
    £9.99 £8.49

  • The Walker's Guide to Outdoor Clues and Signs

    Tristan Gooley
    The ultimate guide to what the land, sun, moon, stars, trees, plants, animals, sky and clouds can reveal - when you know what to look for. Includes over 850 outdoor clues and signs. This top ten bestseller is the result of Tristan Gooley's two decades of pioneering outdoors experience and six years of instructing, researching and writing. It includes lots of outdoor clues and signs that will not be found in any other book in the world. As well as the most comprehensive guide to natural navigation for walkers ever compiled, it also contains clues for weather forecasting, tracking, city walks, coast walks, night walks and dozens of other areas. Learn More
    £10.99 £9.34

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