Once Upon a Potty - Boy

Alona Frankel
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This best-selling potty-training storybook is now available as a sturdy board book.
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The all-time favourite, now in a sturdy board book. There are four million children under the age of 5 in the UK and all of them will need to be toilet trained. This classic book has already helped millions of parents get their children through a life milestone with ease and some entertainment too. With Once Upon a Potty, a parent reads the book to their child or allows the child to read it while on the potty. Not surprisingly, the book takes some wear. This new board book edition will withstand such heavy use and survive the occasional water spill too. This is THE potty training book. It has it all, bright graphics, simple language, fun story and an anatomically correct hero. With an edition for each gender, the book relates directly to the child, making the potty-training process relatable and easy to understand.

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ISBN 9781770854048
Format Hardback
Publication date 11 Sep 2014

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