Reconstructions: The Troubles in Photographs and Words

Steafán Hanvey and Bobbie Hanvey
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World-renowned photographer Bobbie Hanvey captured some of the Troubles' most defining and devastating moments, in all their unflinching poignancy. Known as much for his iconic portraits of figures like Seamus Heaney, Gerry Adams and Ian Paisley as for his on-the-spot photographic reporting, Bobbie was constantly on the streets of Northern Ireland during the Troubles, photographing the aftermath of bombings, shootings and sectarian violence. His children grew up with intimate familiarity of these photographs, and of the violence that bred them.

In Reconstructions: The Troubles in Photographs and Words, these images take on even greater resonance when set in context by Bobbie's son Steafán's innovative and keenly honed prose-poetry, partly written in response to the photographs he grew up with. An astonishing and visceral work that strikes clean to the often-dark but always-shining heart of Northern Ireland during its most troubled decades, this unique combination of words and images is a celebration of life, and a validation of two lives' work.

A related documentary, featuring actor Adrian Dunbar, is currently in production.

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ISBN 9781785372162
Format Hardback
Publication date 1 Oct 2018

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