David Miliband
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Across the globe 65 million people are fleeing for their lives. As head of the International Rescue Committee, David Miliband has first-hand insight on the refugee crisis and what we can do about it as ordinary citizens. His message is simple: If we fail refugees then we betray our own history, values and interests; rescue refugees and we rescue ourselves.
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'A THOUGHTFUL, CAREFULLY ARGUED AND MORALLY PERSUASIVE CASE FOR DOING MORE' FINANCIAL TIMES 'PART CALL TO ARMS, PART COLLECTION OF STORIES (INCLUDING HIS OWN), IT IS A POWERFUL INVITATION TO CARE ABOUT REFUGEES, TO SEE THEM AS HUMANS, JUST LIKE YOU OR ME, WHO DESPERATELY NEED OUR HELP' RED We are in the midst of a global refugee crisis. Sixty five million people are fleeing for their lives. The choices are urgent, not just for them but for all of us. What can we possibly do to help? With compassion and clarity, David Miliband shows why we should care and how we can make a difference. He takes us from war zones in the Middle East to the heart of Europe to explain the crisis and show what can be done, not just by governments with the power to change policy but by citizens with the urge to change lives. His innovative and practical call to action shows that the crisis need not overwhelm us. Miliband says this is a fight to uphold the best of human nature in the face of rhetoric and policy that humour the worst. He defends the international order built by western leaders out of the ashes of the Second World War, but says now is the time for reform. Describing his family story as the son of refugees, and drawing revealing lessons from his life in politics, David Miliband shows that if we fail refugees then we betray our own history, values and interests. The message is simple: rescue refugees and we rescue ourselves.

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ISBN 9781471170485
Format Hardback
Publication date 14 Nov 2017

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