The Secret Life of Daisy Fitzjohn

Tania Unsworth
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Daisy has never seen the outside world but her secret life at Brightwood Hall is about to change forever in this second novel from Booker prize-winner's daughter, Tania Unsworth.
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An enthralling, magical and spine-tingling story of a young girl who has never before seen the outside world. The second novel from THE ONE SAFE PLACE author Tania Unsworth. For her whole life, 11-year-old Daisy has lived with her mother in their family home, the splendid but crumbling Brightwood Hall. She has never set foot in the outside world. But one day, when her mother doesn't come home and a strange man arrives at the house, Daisy must use her wits to survive. This enthralling story of a young girl's physical and mental journey is beautifully imagined by Tania Unsworth, and readers will be completely transported by the unique magic of Daisy's world.

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ISBN 9781444010268
Format Paperback
Publication date 10 Mar 2016

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