Us vs Tech

Jamie Bartlett
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They're taking over our lives and it will soon be too late to stop them.They can invisibly influence elections, keep their tax off-shore, monopolise vital services in your city while refusing workers rights, become your only source of news and information while controlling data and intelligence that dwarfs the capabilities of your governmenta Digital technology is piece by piece dismantling our democracy. It is destroying essential civic institutions like independent media, creating unparalleled powerful monopolies, turbo-charging inequality, and creating tech that law-makers don't understand and can't regulate. With the onset of artificial intelligence, this is all about to get far worse. We have 20 years to save democracy from a fast-emerging techno-dystopia. Written by the presenter of BBC's 'The Secrets of Silicon Valley' and bestselling author of The Dark Net, Jamie Bartlett has created a sharp, bold polemic, examining how digital technology as it currently exists is incompatible with a democracy. Praise for Dark Net'A hell of an achievement. Buy it and read it' - Times Praise for BBC's The Secrets of Silicon Valley'A sobering look at how tech is going to change society quickly and dramatically' - Guardian

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ISBN 9781785039065
Publisher Ebury Press
Format Paperback
Publication date 31 May 2018

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