Who Really Runs Britain?

Alan White
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A shocking compendium of what happens when outsourcing goes wrong - the horrifying stories, damning statistics and what we do now
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`Outsourcing' -- when will the horror stories stop coming? Every year the government gives private companies like G4S, Serco, Capita and ATOS GBP80 billion of taxpayers' money to handle some of our most sensitive and important services - but where is their transparency? Immigration is perhaps the most challenging and divisive issue of our time -- so why has our government abdicated responsibility? As privatisation looms over an NHS in crisis, how do we hold these companies to account? Now, White speaks to campaigners, Whitehall insiders - and the companies themselves. Who Really Runs Britain? is a shocking compendium of what happens when outsourcing goes wrong - and what we do now.

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ISBN 9781786070661
Publisher Oneworld Publications
Format Paperback
Publication date 6 Jul 2017

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